Saturday, August 8, 2009

Every Heard of a Grits Trifle?

For some of us in the south, grits is a staple. There are so many ways people eat grits. With sugar, cheese, garlic, etc. You have to have butter and lots of it.

After a long (2-week) vacation we needed dinner and most of the ingredients needed to come from the garden or pantry or freezer since we hadn't hit the market yet. So what better way to feed a family than to make breakfast for supper. First make a pot of grits but use milk in place of the water. Also you must use salt. Southerners know why...Just trust us!

Now think of all your favorite toppings you love, on chili or tacos or salad or you put on your grits, and pile them on in layers.

We used:
Fried eggs, that were chopped
Grated Pepper Jack cheese or other favorite cheese, I also loved smoked gouda.
Bacon or Sausage, cooked and crumbled
Chopped tomatoes
Sour Cream
Sliced scallions
Pulled Pork is yummy, had some frozen since 4th of july!

I don't usually eat a whole bowl full, cereal-sized bowl, but I did. Oh my. This is serious grit-eatin' time. ENJOY!