Thursday, April 10, 2008

April 10, 2008

Leaves and Leaves oh my! Today was supposed to be a day to unload everything out of the sewing room but…. I was called to go to the school and help the 4th grade students finish their art-in-action project. Brayers and black transfer medium and pastels and newspapers… It was so much fun!

I did that for about an hour and a half and then went to pick up a special type of milk for my lactose sensitive daughter. I love driving to Niceville. It is so quiet compared to Eglin and Beal Parkway. I also had to pick up some chips for the weekend. On the way home, I stopped by a very off-limits restaurant but sooo good "Jim n Nicks". If you want southern-style BBQ this is the local place that does it right. But today I had a southern burger and fries and a large Coke. And it has spoken back like a sassy child.

We are having the missionaries and about 16 other people + us 4 for dinner Saturday night. Hopefully the rain will hold off. I would like to stage the basketball court with tables and chairs instead of having everyone in the house. We cut the grass this evening and I weeded the flower beds. Now if the dollar weed were real dollars; I could pay to have it pulled by someone else's hands.

The front yard is starting to look like a yard again. It was half dead after last year's drought. So it was cleaned and thatched and we are reseeding it. I have planted knockout roses and yellow daisy bush plants in the front oval bed. And there is a sweet jasmine to creep up the form between the windows. I paid one of my daughter's friends to help them clean up all the leaves and acorns from the live oak in the front yard. Two hours later and 15+ bags of mulch and leaves and acorns. At first I said $5.00 each. Then I felt bad when I saw the amount of stuff they had cleaned up. So I ordered barbeque chicken pizza for them and they each had a cookie dough ice cream cone. They were having so much fun. And I don't believe in slave or child labor, at least not where the neighbors can witness. HaaHaa (My parents never paid me to do the lawn. And my price is way too high.) So, I also offered to take them to see Nim's Island again after piano lessons on Saturday.

It's 8:39 and I need a shower and some ice cream "for me" before bed. Tomorrow back to the same old diet and maybe my muscles will let me get out of bed in the morning. Until then…

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